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Is Thanksgiving secretly the best time to travel?

Considering traveling during Thanksgiving? Understand the potential benefits and challenges as you weigh whether this festive period aligns with your travel goals. Dive into our in-depth guide, packed with top tips and considerations, to ensure your Thanksgiving journey is unforgettable.

Advantages of Thanksgiving Travel:

1. Extended Time Off: Thanksgiving often grants extended holidays from work and school. Utilize this break for extended international explorations without depleting your annual leave.

2. Favorable Weather: Many global destinations, from Europe to the Caribbean, experience delightful November weather, pre-winter.

3. Reduced Crowds Internationally: Thanksgiving is predominantly a U.S. festivity. Result? Less crowded international venues, leading to attractive flight and hotel deals.

4. Exclusive Experiences: Enjoy your adventure with the northern lights in Iceland, Italy’s truffle festivals, or Caribbean tropical adventures.

5. Budget-Friendly International Deals: Late November 2023 airfares are averaging $200 less than summer rates. Plus, off-peak rates internationally can be economical.

Thanksgiving Travel Challenges:

1. Domestic Fare Hikes: U.S. domestic travel rates can surge with families reuniting.

2. Crowded Hubs: Expect U.S. airports and stations to be bustling.

3. Bookings Filling Up: High-demand destinations might be booked solid. Plan early!

4. Potential Weather Delays: November’s unpredictable weather might affect flights.

Expert Tips for Thanksgiving Travelers:

Amidst the excitement of Thanksgiving travels, take a moment to set intentions for your journey. Whether it’s immersing in a new culture, reconnecting with loved ones, or simply finding relaxation, having a clear mindset enhances the overall experience. Daily reflections or journal entries can help you stay grounded, allowing you to cherish each moment and truly make the most of your travel adventure.

1. Book Early: Secure your spots in high-demand areas in advance.

2. Travel Smart: Sidestep peak travel times, such as the Wednesday before and the Sunday post-Thanksgiving.

3. Discover Hidden Gems: Investigate lesser-known places to evade large groups.

4. Weather-Ready Your Itinerary: Pack diversely for weather surprises and have backup plans.

5. Join Local Festivities: Immerse in local time-honored celebrations for a cultural deep dive.

Factors to Weigh Before You Travel:

1. Budget Carefully: Account for expenses like flights, stays, meals, and excursions.

2. Align With Interests: Target destinations showcasing captivating seasonal events.

3. Companion Preferences: Ensure your travel group’s needs are met for a collective joyful journey.

Considering international travel? It’s an attractive proposition with potential budget-friendly deals, fewer crowds, and an array of unique experiences. However, personal factors such as budget constraints, available time, and travel companions play a crucial role. Assess the benefits and challenges, and if Thanksgiving aligns with your criteria, embark on your journey and quench your travel thirst!


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